Friday, December 21, 2007

Grateful Wedding Thoughts

After much thought about what my first offficial blog should be about, I've decided to make a LOOOOOOONG list of things that I'm grateful for about my wedding. no particular order:

  • People -- I was overwhelmed with how many friends and family members came from so far away--Jonathon(AZ), Levi (LA), Chava/Bob/Barb/Hannah (TX), Sis (TX), Aunt Jan (ID), Aunt Peggy/Uncle Jim/Megan (NC), Terri (FL), Stephani (MO), Stefani/Steve & Marie (IL), Melissa/Alicia (NY), and Teto called me from Africa. I am also so grateful for the timing of it all so that Jayson was home and not stationed overseas and that the Eatons were in the States on furlough. It was a relief to my heart to have them present.
  • Weather -- while it was very warm (85), I am so grateful that it was warm and not chilly or too breezy
  • Flowers -- I really wanted calla lilies, but was NOT willing to spend $300 on my bouquet alone. I got all my flowers from Trader Joes and was so impressed with the arrangments (including a full calla bouquet for me) that Melissa and Christen put together. Thank you.
  • Music -- Theo, Morgen, Deb and Ben did a great job with the music. It was great to have all of them with me. I sang with them at their weddings, and just couldn't imagine them not being there!
  • Photos - Ben did a phenomenal job with our photos. He really captured some tender moments and really preserved the sacredness that I really wanted. Thank you so much.
  • My sister -- Chava came up for a week in the fall to help me with preparations and then came up the entire week before the wedding to help with last minute stuff. While she was in Texas, she printed and assembled all of the invitations. While she was here, she gave me a present every day and ran errands while I was at work. She organized my bachelorette party (with Christen and Jewels) and made sure I felt special. On the day of my wedding, she helped me get ready and then sang 'So Are You to Me' at the reception.
  • My dress -- A dear friend's mother shortened my dress. The time I got to spend with her was precious. She lost her husband of many many years not too long ago, and was just a great encourager in my time up to the wedding. Then, the day of, in a pinch, Celena steamed my dress with little warning. I am also so grateful to Lisa for doing all of our hair. I loved mine!
  • Our families -- it was so nice to have all of our families with us for the wedding and help us set up and tear down. They're all very willing helpers, which was much appreciated!!!
  • Table #20 -- The pictures that came back from the wedding were quite entertaining. (Thank you to Hannah who made sure each camera was fully used up) Table #20, however, took great care to provide the most laugh-worthy pictures.
  • Reception help -- I am most grateful to Megan for being the point person for the reception and her willingness to do whatever was needed. It was such a blessing to know that we didn't have to do anything. Thank you for being a crucial part of our day. Thanks also to everyone who helped - Glenn & Jan, Julie & Mike, Doug, Colleen, Kelly, Keith & Celena and anyone else I missed. Thanks also to Rodney & Katie for taking the leftovers to St.Hermans.
  • Gifts -- We received such wonderful gifts!!! We are so grateful for everything given to us and for the thought behind each one. A particularly special one was a poem that my brother Aaron wrote for us. Thank you.
  • Reconnections -- I am grateful for the reconnection between people at our wedding. It was great to see all of our friends and families together, but it was really neat to hear about how one person knew another growing up and hadn't seen them since they were 12.
  • Bar -- I am so grateful for Tim and Alicia being our bartenders. You've been such a source of laughter to me and it was great to have you there. Thanks to Alicia for bringing the wine all the way from New York's Finger Lakes and for Brian for giving us kegs from Coors.
  • Mentors -- I am so grateful for the mentors that Dave and I have in our life to help us. Thanks to Bruce and Colleen for marrying us and helping us put the day together. Extreme thanks to Mark and Missy for mentoring us and continuing to mentor us. They have challenged us, laughed with us, grimaced with us, and helped us to think and love each other better.
  • Money -- We survived the cost! Thanks to God for providing a way when we didn't see it. Thanks to Dave for listening to God to wait a year longer than we wanted. Thanks to my parents for gifting us the 'rent' I'd been paying for 10 months.
  • the Spirit -- I am so grateful for the spirit of sacredness that was truly present during our ceremony. I am grateful for the excitement for Dave and I and the prayers that were prayed over us. I am grateful for Kenny's blessing and private words for us. I am grateful for the time of worship with everyone we love. I am grateful for that time with God made for each one present.
  • Purity -- I am so grateful for the purity that God protected for Dave and I. There is nothing I am more sure of than that it was worth all of the waiting. It is such a relief and blessing to build on that purity.
  • Dave -- I couldn't have asked for a better man for me. I am so grateful for his patience, his laughter, and his willingness to work. I am SO grateful for the arch that he built for us to get married under. A dream that I never knew that I had...fulfilled.
  • God's faithfulness and goodness -- I am so grateful for my husband, for the marriage we're building, and for God bringing us together.

I may have to add more as I think of them, but thank you for the part that you played in our wedding. It was such a great day and great to spend it with you!!