Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Thoughts

I must say that I'm quite excited for this November. I know it's halfway over already, but I'm still excited for it and enjoying it. For us, it is bringing about much change - all of which is good.

Firstly, I am taking a cake decorating class. I have wanted to do this for a long time and finally made time to do it. I'm taking the class with two great girlfriends, which makes it all the more enjoyable. The class requires SO much more money and time than expected, which is hard....yet finding a few more dollars and a few more hours makes me discipline myself to stick with this class and do it well. I'm discovering more and more how important it is to me to be a person who does what I say I will do.

Secondly, I am helping teach, with Donna, a couponing basics and bargain shopping class at church (read about it here). It's really neat to pass on the knowledge that you know, and I've enjoyed realizing that I'm being a good steward with what I have. Although, I do need to work on reducing my hoarding.

Thirdly, I love my husband. I wish I said and communicated that more. He really is my favorite thing. He prayed the other night that we would use this upcoming season in our life (with no TV or internet) to work on our communication, to worship together, to pursue God together, and to read more and increase our intelligence. His prayer just melted my cold and bitchy heart (for other reason, not for the lack of TV or internet) This is why he's best for me...for him to help pull me out of my bitch pits. :)