Wednesday, February 13, 2008

27th Anniversary

I just wanted to give a quick shoutout and congratulations to my parents--today is their 27th anniversary! Dave and I are going over there for dinner. Mama refused to tell me what kind of cake she made....even after I said 'Selah.' She thinks she's much funnier than she actually is. Aaron will also be there, which will be nice. That means Dave and I get to see him twice in 2 weeks. Chava--we'll miss you lots and wish you were there. Love you more than lots.

Lord, we ask you for many more years for Mama and Papa to be together. (and we ask that you take Papa first, and Mama very shortly after) We ask that you continue to knit their hearts together and that they continue to pursue You first and each other second. Thank you Lord that they're still together and have given us great examples of fighting. We pray that they would continue to delight in each other. Amen!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Papa's Birthday

Papa is 50 today. He's getting old. Well, he's kind of a mischievious fellow, and he's definitely raised 4 mischeivious kids. And then I married a man who is much more adventurous than any of us. So, we decided to surprise him at midnight to celebrate his birthday. Keep in mind, midnight of February was 0 degrees with a windchill of -15. Yeah. Mama and Papa had been away with good friends for the past week -- relaxing and resting, and they had a dreadful drive home. But there was no mercy for Papa's 50 birthday. Dave had made a beautifully hillbilly sign. Seth had gathered the props. Aaron gave his blessing. Chava tried to convince us to take it too far (typical Chava :) ). I supervised and coordinated.

Seth calls me at 1142pm and tells me that Papa is still up. Yikes. He's old, why doesn't he sleep. Dave and I arrive at 1203am and Seth tells us that Papa just went up to bed. It'll be a miracle if he doesn't hear us. So we begin to set up. Gigantic sign in place, shovels/rakes/pitchforks all over the yard, and a teddy bear stabbed into the ground with a pitchfork. We couldn't find a stuffed groundhog, so it had to be a poor teddy bear. If you don't know about Papa, a pitchfork, and a groundhog -- ask him. It's a great story. Seth grabs the chain saw (to wake Papa up) and all of a sudden Papa is at the back door -- "What are you doing?" he asks. "Put some clothes on, it's your birthday!!!!" He smirks the Witt smirk, pleased as punch at his surprise. Dave goes inside the house and sets off the smoke alarms for effect, as Seth yells "Get out before you DIE." (another good story to ask Papa about) Mama comes running outside in a thin robe and sandals (yeah, we're so not convinced that she's not starting menopause) As Papa comes outside, Seth starts running around the yard revving the chainsaw. Mama and Papa are both laughing and smiling at their 'moronic kids.' A good time was had by all. So what did the sign say??? So glad you asked!!!

Papa is 50 today

Give a honk to say 'hey'

All glory to God

He's not in the sod!