Monday, August 24, 2009

Things to Do

I have been wishing and thinking and concocting for a few's been a long time since I've really spent time thinking of how things could be, if things were done differently. I know this sounds ambiguous, so forgive me for being proud of myself for letting go a little bit and wondering about changes that can be made. :) Dave and I have settled into a mode of accepting things as they are (modest finances), and yet, over the past couple of weeks we have been just talking about what we would do if we had a little bit of money to work with. The truth is that we could afford a small amount in the budget to revamp a few things around the house that we would both benefit from. We have a beautiful house, that we are nothing but thrilled about daily, but there are things that we would prefer to be a bit different.

Now, all that to say that God Almighty Himself has very clearly told me to finish the small projects that I've either started or bought supplies to start. So, this is the small list of things that we (really just I) need to do around the house before we can tackle anything else:

  • refinish wooden desk (purchased for $20 in May and still sitting on the back porch)
  • rescreen the side door (this is def a Dave job)
  • paint one of the spare rooms or bathroom (with paint received as payment for restaining a friend's floor)
  • transfer dry goods (rice, pasta, beans) into the 3 dozen mason jars that I got for free off of Freecycle back in April
  • list/sell the random stuff I've been accumulating since we got married, on Craigslist

I do have to admit that I did buy chalkboard vinyl today to make labels for my mason jar goods. Click here for an example. I just thought those labels were way too cute. I may have a large amount of the chalkboard vinyl leftover, so I will probably intend to resell it on Etsy or Ebay. We'll see.

So, over the next month or so, look for pictures and updates with these little projects. I want to finish them to work on the issue of 'doing what I've said I will do' and then free up mental space to move onto other things to turn them into reality rather than just wishing and wondering time away.