Thursday, January 17, 2008

The First Week

So there is nothing like breaking into this 'living in community' thing like being sick and ugly. The move went well on Saturday. There were TONS of people that did a great job and worked so hard. I had a cough all day that I thought was just from swallowing funny. I should have known it was the bubonic plague. Sunday I was emotional, cranky, and just wanted my husband....further signs of getting sick. Monday I didn't move out of bed. I just slept, fevered, and coughed all day long. Katie made my mom's chicken noodle soup, which was great. Tuesday I moved down to the living room and watched Home Improvement shows all day long. Rodney stayed in bed all day on Tuesday, but came down to watch American Idol. Everyone went to work on Wednesday, and Dave came home fevering and coughing. Dave went to work today with strict instructions that if his fever worsened at all, he was to go home and go to bed....I told him he would probably get pneumonia and have to go to the hospital if he stayed out in the cold. He's afraid of the hospital, so I think that should work.

The first week is going great! Stress levels aren't even an issue, as we're all just trying to breathe without losing a lung. I think I'm going to look into installing a Lysol filter in the filter. Let me know if you have any ideas.