Saturday, August 16, 2008


I know I haven't written anything in awhile, but I was going through our camera and found some pictures to share. I'll split it up into a few different posts, but browse through and see the goods :)
This first post will be a few pictures of our second honeymoon. We called this vacation our second honeymoon because our first honeymoon was rough. It was a great time together, especially coming off of the busy-ness of the wedding, but it was rough. A week before the wedding I came down with all of the symptoms leading up to my gallbladder removal. We didnt' know what it was that was making me so sick, which caused too much worry and bother, and I spent our first honeymoon jacked up on it was a good time, but some days were full of pain attacks and weariness. Our second honeymoon was pretty much just fun. We met some cool people throughout the week, who we hung out with, played with, and even went on a day trip with one couple we met. And no, we're not swingers. :) We spent alot of time on the beach napping, reading, and Dave played a ton of beach volleyball.